RSSS Holds 2nd GA Meeting - 2017

According to its Articles of Association, the General Assembly of the Road Safety Supporters Society meets every other year. The 2nd General Assembly meeting of RSSS convened at the Laleh Cultural Center from 16:00 to 18:00 on Tuesday March 7, 2017 following invitation letters sent to the participants.The meeting was attended by Ahmad Khorram and Mohammad Rahmati, two former ministers of roads and transportation; Commander Mohammad HosseinHamidi, the rural traffic police chief;Engineer ShahramAdamnejad, Vice President of the Road Maintenance and Transport Organization; and the special envoy of the Ministry of the Interior.After electing the Board of Governors the session heard a report by chairman of the board on the performance of the RSSS as well as a report by the inspector on the financial record which were approved by the General Assembly.The Board of Governors in the presence of HadiHashemi (former traffic police chief of greater Tehran), Hamid Safarian(chairman of the RSSS Cultural Committee) and Abbas Qolizadeh invited the participants to nominate for membership in the Board.After voting, the following persons were elected as the main members of the Board of Directors for a period of two years: Name Votes1. Mohammad Bokharaei 1102. Alireza Esmaeili 983. Behrooz Gharavi 944. ShahramAdamnejad 905. NaserRazzaq-Manesh 756. Ali Azad 617. PouryaMohammadian 588. SadeqAfshar 539. MajidrezaNasrollah-Nejad 50 Meanwhile, the following persons were elected as alternate members of the Board of Directors:10. MarziehHesari 4411. Hassan Momeni 4312. HosseinaliQolizadeh 42Also, Mohammad QasemPourtaqi (with 68 votes) and Ali Haqayeq (with 26 votes) were elected the main and alternate inspectors respectively.

First Nationwide Women Safety Alliance Meeting for Promotion of Safety Culture

The first nationwide women safety alliance gathering for promotion of safety culture was held with the participation of more than 1,500 women active in social affairs and NGO groups, including members of the NGO network, women cultural social centers, cultural houses and the organizing staff of NGOs as well as a number of women injured in incidents.The event was held on June 16, 2016 at the IRIB Convention Center in the presence and under the support of dignitaries, including Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs, head of the Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization, Women Affairs Advisor to the Ministry of Road and Urban Development and a number of other ministries, and also women specialists, veterans, artists, media members, etc.At the beginning of the meeting, Mohammad Bokharaei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Road Safety Supporters Society (RSSS), while welcoming the audience said the objective behind holding the gathering was to participate women supporters of road safety in line with the slogan of promoting culture of road safety in the year of ‘economic culture and support for national determination’. He added that on the eve of this year’s New Year, a similar gathering with the presence and participation of 1000 public transportation drivers was held.He described women as one of the most effective demographic spectrums who play an influential role in the development of safety culture and said with the support of this spectrum traffic crashes can be reduced to a great extent.The Chairman of RSSS Board of Directors also referred to the calendar year 1392 (2013/2014) when 24% of the fatalities of urban traffic crashes were women and noted that the average age of the women killed in traffic crashes was 28 years, which shows that traffic crashes have claimed the lives of many would-be mothers.He added: “The presence of women in the victory of the (1979) Islamic Revolution, the Sacred Defense (Iraqi war against Iran 1980-88) and development of construction has been very strong and for this reason women can be effective in reducing the damage caused by traffic crashes.”Bokharaei put the number of deaths in 2013/2014 at 18,000 despite some reduction and said 310 thousand people were also wounded in traffic crashes. The survivors of the crashes who are mainly women are a group who suffer highly.The Chairman of RSSS Board of Directors also pointed to the holding of the third gathering of advocates of road safety with the presence of the clergy and said such gatherings are planned to be held with the participation of university students and academics.Meanwhile, Ms. Shahindokht Mullaverdi, Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs told the gathering that the frequency of traffic crashes in the country is an alarming issue. “The risk is endangering all and all of us are responsible towards this issue.” Stressing that development of a sense of social responsibility should be put on the government agenda as well as the entire system, she noted that there is this reality that every time the civil society has been…

Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims in Eivan-e Shams Hall

A remembrance ceremony for the road traffic victims was held in Tehran in November with the participation of ministers of road and urban development, and labor and social affairs, members of the Road Safety Commission, those involved in safety and transportation issues, victims of traffic crashes, a group of artists, media representatives and safety scout students with an aim of participating people in the national determination.The ceremony to remember the road traffic victims was held at Eivan-e Shams Hall on Sunday 14 November 2016 in which the two ministers of road and urban development, and cooperative, as well as deputies of the Road and Urban Development Ministry and a number of artists, students and staff of the Red Crescent and the Emergency Organization and the public were present.Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Road and Urban Development Abbas Akhundi said: “Creating a sense of responsibility is the biggest strategy for increasing urban safety and socialization of problems is the only way to solve the problems.” He further remarked that socialization of problems especially in the field of road safety is their only solution, adding that a sense of responsibility is the most significant strategy to increase safety throughout the country.Referring to the conference which was held with an aim of honoring the memory of the victims of traffic crashes in the country, he noted that the topic of remembrance of the victims of traffic crashes in Iran and the world over is being considered a highly important issue. “This day is a very memorable day for me because from the very beginning this was the very basis for my belief that real issues of the society should be observed and for their elimination and solution people should be called for help. We should socialize each issue because it is through this method that the problem would be solved; otherwise in case it becomes administrative, that problem would definitely face defeat.”Also speaking at the ceremony for the remembrance of road traffic victims, held on the occasion of the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, Cooperative Minister Ali Rabiei said: “This world decade has been named ‘Road Safety’ with the feature of child safety for which serious measures should be taken.”Pointing to the fact that if a child is harmed it would leave its negative impacts on the family for years, the minister said he would make further efforts to deal with such issues more.The minister further remarked that each crash consists of three stages: pre-crash, crash-related and post-crash. He stressed: “In each stage we need activities and preventions and the third stage, the post-crash, is related to the Ministry of Labor.”Rabiei said the issue of insurance, welfare and guarantees is being discussed in his ministry and noted: “We have to follow up policies whereby victims of traffic crashes will experience a better life and since I myself am a victim of traffic crash, I am trying to pay more attention to this subject matter.”Meanwhile, Rambod Javan, an actor and…

Gilan Province Remembers Road Traffic Victims

A provincial road traffic official in Gilan says 449 out of 649 people killed in road accidents in the Caspian Sea province in 1394 (2015/16) were pedestrians and motorcyclists. He added that motorcyclists have become a major crisis for the province.Naser Ale Mohammadi, director general of Gilan road maintenance and traffic department made the remarks at a ‘grand alliance with road safety forum’ to remember road traffic victims held on Tuesday November 16, 2016 near the provincial capital city Rasht.Recalling designation by the United Nations of the third Sunday of November as the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, the official said: “Our society should become sensitive towards this crisis because the road accident fatalities are very high and irreversible.”Noting that the number of road traffic accident victims had dropped from 28,000 to 16,000 within the time interval between 1385 (2006/07) and 1394 (2015/16), he said the figure for the province had dropped from 1280 victims in 2006/07 to 649 in 2015/16 thanks to the effective measures taken by provincial officials. He also regretted that 449 out of the 649 victims were pedestrians and motorcyclists.According to the official road and automotive engineering, road map, the rule of law, and decisiveness in dealing with violators, emergency medical aid, etc. are among effective factors in road safety. He said government credits cannot solve the problem, adding: “We need culture building and training particularly among school children.”Meanwhile, Ebrahim Gole Sorkhi, the chief executive officer of Road Safety Supporters Society (RSSS) in Gilan said promotion of the road safety culture was a significant cultural parameter, noting that raising people’s awareness was among safety debates. He cited hasty driving, unauthorized speeding and disregard for traffic rules and regulations among the most important factors leading to death tolls.Considering that road traffic accidents have shaken the family foundations, the official stated that 26 out of every 100,000 people are killed in accidents 70 percent of whom are passersby and motor bike riders.Also addressing the conference, Chairman of RSSS Board of Director Mohammad Bokharaei said there was a daily financial loss of IRR 490 billion from road traffic accidents. He added that 7 percent of the country’s value added goes to expenses imposed by road accidents.He said all the people in the country mourn road traffic accident victims in one way or the other, adding: “Every day 50 people are killed in accident prone transportation and road traffic networks. Furthermore, 100 out of 800 victims are disabled and incapacitated every day.”Bokharaei described the death of 16,500 and injury of 300,000 people in one year a “catastrophe” and noted: “The survivors too are victims of road traffic accidents. Every year, thousands of women become widows and lose their custodians or have to take care of those maimed in road accidents.”The official further said that every year 4,000 motorcyclists are killed, adding that the figure could be reduced through people’s mobilization. However, he noted, we have still not realized the depth of this crisis.The grand alliance event was…

First Professional Drivers Safety Alliance Festival

The First Professional Drivers Safety Alliance Festival was held at the IRB Convention Center (December 19) in the presence of Minister of Roads and Urban Development, his deputies, Roads Police Commander, a number of directors and deputies of the Roads Maintenance and Transportation Organization and about 700 professional drivers.Mohammad Bokharaei, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Road Safety Supporters Society (RSSS) welcoming the audience said the permanent secretariat of the Professional Drivers Safety Alliance Festival will be set up after Nowruz 1396 (New Iranian Year starting March 21, 2017).He said the next year selection of drivers will be held at provincial level, adding that after selecting safe drivers out of 31 provincial festivals, a safety festival will be held on April 26 and top professional drivers will be introduced at national level.Stating that currently there are over 2.5 million professional drivers with membership in the safety campaign, he added that the target of this festival is to reduce road casualties by half so that by the end of the Sixth and Seventh Development Plans the number of road traffic deaths will be cut by another 11 thousand.Bokharaei noted that the public culture is indebted to the drivers, adding that in order to promote the dignity of the drivers from now on we will call them “honest leaders”. He said the philosophy behind naming this festival is success of all those involved in the field of road transportation.He added: “This year 1400 drivers participated in the festival which is a considerable figure and we expect more participants in the next events and all the drivers would be honored as top and safe drivers.”Also addressing the forum, Minister of Roads and Urban Development Abbas Akhundi said thanks to the cooperation of all the executive bodies and responsible drivers, over the past 10 years the number of deaths in road crashes has been reduced by 11 thousand.He added that currently, the number of motor vehicles in the country has reached about 28 million and almost every Iranian family owns a car. “This has made the task of the authorities in promoting road traffic safety even more difficult.”He stressed that papplication of smart management on the roads and use of 1800 surveillance cameras in the country as well as the smart system for the close control of drivers’ behavior is highly important in order to reduce the high-risk behavior of the drivers and crashes on the roads.Unnderlining the need for introducing more stringent regulations in the process of issuing driving license, Dr. Akhundi added that this issue has been put on the agenda of the Road Safety Commission so that by taking more strict steps in the process, the drivers’ high-risk behavior on the roads will be minimized.Meanwhile, Engineer Davoud Keshavarzian, Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development and Head of the Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization referred to the factors effective in reducing road crashes and said the issue of road casualties and crashes is a social issue and social institutions should…

Nationwide Conference on Safety Alliance with Participation of the Clergy

In line with the cultural and social programs of the Road Safety Supporters Society (RSSS) for reducing traffic injuries and fatalities and in order to prevent the significant overt and covert human, social and economic losses in the country, the nationwide grand conference of “Safety Alliance” was held with the presence and participation of the clergy, ulema and relevant authorities.According to the Public Relations Office of the Road Safety Supporters Society (RSSS) Hojjatoleslam Mousavi Moqaddam Parliamentary and Provincial Affairs Deputy at IRIB, announced readiness of the ulema and clergy for supporting RSSS and its goals. He said many Quranic verses are available about enjoining the good and paving the way for good deeds a manifestation of which could be the issue of building a healthy society.He stressed that today subjects that enjoy Quranic status have more objectivity, because at present concepts have been further expanded and the elements of time, place and space compression, have created a new era for human beings.Mousavi Moqaddam referred to ‘speed’ as the inherent and inseparable feature of the the said mentioned elements and said; “With the development of technology we proceed in a way that in future our children would blame us for how it took us several hours to take a distance, because speed is an important component of time and in all areas everything is affected by speed.”He added, “If we disregard the question of speed and fail to formulate plans at present or in future, we will be faced with problems that are caused by acceleration and speed such as traffic crashes.”Mousavi Moqaddam further said: “If we fail to regulate speed and move along accordingly, we will face tremendous backwardness and in that case we will be put under a passive condition.”The IRIB official further remarked: “The speed of the developments in our country is not in conformity with the speed of irregularities and in terms of speed of development we have been affected by backwardness while with regard to the speed of abnormalities we are ahead of some other countries and if this issue is not resolved we will definitely face chaos and confusion.”He stated: “We have great assets in our possession, about one-fourth of the Quranic verses are in relation to prevention and observance and this in turn is a great reference for building culture and making our society healthy. For the same reason some countries were faced with problems with regard to the soft war in Iran, because we enjoy strong religious beliefs.”As for the media, Mousavi Moqaddam said: “Definitely among all the media of the world, the pulpit media which is face to face and the audience have confidence in it, enjoys more influence. Here I would like to quote a statement from Martyr (Morteza) Motahhari (a senior religious scholar who was assassinated early after the 1979 Islamic Revolution) who said: ‘I wonder why the ulema do not issue fatwas about some issues.’ For this reason, the clergy should participate in many affairs and use the pulpit…

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