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RSSS Strategic Plan for 2016/2017

The strategic plan of the Road Safety Supporters Society (RSSS) in the calendar year 1395 (2016/2017) was announced at a gathering of the headquarters and provincial managers as follows:
Operational Strategy of Provincial Offices in 1395 (2016-2017)
The Road Safety Supporters Society (RSSS) started its activities in 1386 (2007-2008) by reliance on the Almighty God with an aim of improving the status of road traffic safety and promoting traffic culture as a national, non-governmental and non-political institute and by benefiting from the experience and knowledge of its members.
With firm belief in this motto, the RSSS members and supporters started observance of the safety principles and correcting risky behaviors in driving as a first step within themselves in the forefront with the ideal slogan of ‘even one dead is too many’,
The society strives to improve and correct behavior of the road users and change their high risk behaviors into safe behaviors based on the observance of driving rules and regulations through operational strategies prioritizing safety of motorcyclists. The society is persuing the following goals in provinces:
1- Efforts for maximum participation of people in the promotion of roads safety
• Using the potentials of social networks including websites
• Preparing and distributing educational brochures and disseminating information
• Using environmental advertising media
• Using the broad-based provincial IRIB media
• Training to promote students’ safe behavior
2- Holding safety alliance conference
• Holding a nationwide conference participated by a thousand people from various walks of life
• Setting up safety brainstorm seminars with the participation of different groups, including professors, cultural and educational associations, transportation guild associations, and the like to create sensitivity and propagate the safe behavior culture
• Holding safety campaign and free tribune at appropriate opportunities
• Making efforts to participate in the meetings of the provincial safety committee and commission
• Putting into operation the plan of safety pioneers specific for students with the coordination of the central cultural committee
3- Holding safety operational maneuvers for the users
• Motorcyclists Maneuver along with distribution of brochures, holding classes and other culture building tools
• Maneuver of public transportation fleet drivers
• Field operations maneuver for pedestrians in order to improve safe traffic behaviors
• Truck drivers maneuver
• All drivers maneuver (distribution of brochures, educational messages, etc.)
4- Maximum membership acceptance and attraction of sponsors and financial and spiritual supporters
• Extensive membership acceptance from people and different social groups
• Establishing constant communication with the members through different means, including website, email, SMS, social networks
• Receiving membership fee through possible methods
• Attracting sponsors and financial supporters for the implementation of cultural and social programs
5. Organizing structure of provincial offices
• Holding annual meeting with the society’s Board of Trustee in the provinces
• Holding constant meetings of the Executive Board and sending relevant minutes of the meetings to the RSSS headquarters
• Preparing and submitting monthly reports to the provincial Executive Manager and Managing Director of the Society

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