No.: 24124
Date: 18th May 2009 _ Corresponding to 28th Ordibehesht 1388 (1388/02/28, Iranian Calendar, known as AD Solar)

The STATUTE of Road Safety Supporters Society of IRAN

1st Chapter: Overview and Objectives

Article 1: Title
The Nongovernmental organization referred to is called ‘Road Safety Supporters Society’, summarized as ‘community’, hereinafter.

Article 2: Type of Acting
All of the community activities are Nonpolitical, Nonprofit and Nongovernmental and will operate in the cultural scope regarding full compliance with laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of IRAN as well as present statute.

Article 3: Area of Activity
The community area of activity is domestic level.

Article 4: Place
The community main center is located in 2nd Floor, No. 25, Semnan Street, South Bahar Street, Enghelab Avenue, Tehran, IRAN. While, if necessary, can establish domestic or overseas representative offices following due regulations, after receiving required permissions from license issuing authority.

Article 5: Nationality
The community is a citizen of the Islamic Republic of IRAN and all its members, recognize the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of IRAN.

Article 6: Duration
The community duration of activity is unlimited from date of establishment.

Article 7: Asset
Primary asset of the community, including movable and immovable, is 1,000,000 IRR, has been paid on behalf of the founders and has been handed over to the community.

Article 8: Founder Staff
The founders include individuals who have prepared arrangement and will not be responsible under the title of founder, after establishment.

Article 9: Objectives
A- Overview: Improving and upgrading safety culture on the roads, nationwide.
B- Method of implementation:

1. Utilizing the latest research, technical and experimental achievements in the scope of road safety and reducing accidents aftereffects.
2. Collaboration with domestic and international institutes and organizations, acting in different scopes of road safety.
3. Making efforts to provide comprehensive system of transport on roads, in partnership with people and stakeholders.
4. People awareness about importance of safe traffic through mainstream media, distributing published articles, brochures and promotional tracts together with holding publicity workshops and seminars.
5. Identifying legal deficiencies and shortages as well as proposing amended regulations to due beneficiaries.
6. Cooperation with stakeholders in terms of implementing notified solutions and proposals.
7. Proposing inclusion of road safety oriented topics in textbooks of education and higher education system.
8. Funding road safety victims together with charities and public assistance.
9. Collaborating with state organizations and private institutes in terms of implementing short and long term safe traffic plans in urban and rural roads.
10. Organizing thematic committees to follow up community goals and tasks.
11. Informing commercial drivers.
12. Identifying, engaging and encouraging philanthropists to invest in road safety mainly through publicity and awareness campaign in due fields.
13. Having required specific permissions from relevant authorities for achieving certain goals, any due tasks will get in order after receiving due permissions.

Article 10: Membership Types and Conditions

Membership Conditions:

1. Accepting the statute.
2. To be at least 18 years of age.
3. Paying membership fee.
4. Board of Directors Agreement.

Membership Types:
Allied Membership: Holding full membership conditions; Having the right to vote in General Assembly; Able to nominate for board of directors and inspectors.
Honorary Membership: Without rights to vote in General Assembly, especially for individuals who have made prominent and fundamental contributionsto the scope of community activities; will be awarded following the proposal of board of directors and approval of General Assembly, respectively.



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Improve public traffic safety culture and raise public awareness through target group education. Try to make this sentence acceptable for all that: “Safety Starts With Me”
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