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Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims in Eivan-e Shams Hall

A remembrance ceremony for the road traffic victims was held in Tehran in November with the participation of ministers of road and urban development, and labor and social affairs, members of the Road Safety Commission, those involved in safety and transportation issues, victims of traffic crashes, a group of artists, media representatives and safety scout students with an aim of participating people in the national determination.
The ceremony to remember the road traffic victims was held at Eivan-e Shams Hall on Sunday 14 November 2016 in which the two ministers of road and urban development, and cooperative, as well as deputies of the Road and Urban Development Ministry and a number of artists, students and staff of the Red Crescent and the Emergency Organization and the public were present.
Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Road and Urban Development Abbas Akhundi said: “Creating a sense of responsibility is the biggest strategy for increasing urban safety and socialization of problems is the only way to solve the problems.” He further remarked that socialization of problems especially in the field of road safety is their only solution, adding that a sense of responsibility is the most significant strategy to increase safety throughout the country.
Referring to the conference which was held with an aim of honoring the memory of the victims of traffic crashes in the country, he noted that the topic of remembrance of the victims of traffic crashes in Iran and the world over is being considered a highly important issue. “This day is a very memorable day for me because from the very beginning this was the very basis for my belief that real issues of the society should be observed and for their elimination and solution people should be called for help. We should socialize each issue because it is through this method that the problem would be solved; otherwise in case it becomes administrative, that problem would definitely face defeat.”
Also speaking at the ceremony for the remembrance of road traffic victims, held on the occasion of the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, Cooperative Minister Ali Rabiei said: “This world decade has been named ‘Road Safety’ with the feature of child safety for which serious measures should be taken.”
Pointing to the fact that if a child is harmed it would leave its negative impacts on the family for years, the minister said he would make further efforts to deal with such issues more.
The minister further remarked that each crash consists of three stages: pre-crash, crash-related and post-crash. He stressed: “In each stage we need activities and preventions and the third stage, the post-crash, is related to the Ministry of Labor.”
Rabiei said the issue of insurance, welfare and guarantees is being discussed in his ministry and noted: “We have to follow up policies whereby victims of traffic crashes will experience a better life and since I myself am a victim of traffic crash, I am trying to pay more attention to this subject matter.”
Meanwhile, Rambod Javan, an actor and artist, referred to culture building as a hard and at the same time effective measure in reducing accidents in the country and added: “For years I have been active in this field. Although the government, people and our country’s religion all attach great importance to the culture, social behavior, and ethics, day by day the statistics of crime, addiction, suicide and divorce in society is increasing. The conclusion is that there is definitely a problem we are indifferent towards!”
He further noted that: “We, as the members of this campaign are intended to launch a movement in this regard for which we seriously need the help of the politicians and experiences and facilities that can be put at our disposal.”
Stressing that in the advancement of the targets of the campaign money is not the only important factor, he said: “More important than the financial issue, is the thinking, designing and process of gathering people and expanding their number in this campaign. When the number of our members reaches 10 thousand, we will present our mechanisms and programs with an aim of reducing crashes and promoting safety level and will wait for more suggestions from the people.”
Iraj Raad, another artist also present in the ceremony, said: “In my opinion, a sense of responsibility is the most important noticeable issue in the field of safety and prevention of crashes. I as a driver am responsible for my life and the lives of my associates. If the entire society pay attention to this issue and everyone performs his/her duty properly, naturally no problem will emerge in this regard.”
This veteran cinema and TV actor added; “If someone causes physical injury to another person while driving, this represents his crime but if the same person with symbolic movements causes a crash and claims the life of another person, his is no more considered a mere murderer. We should take care of our behavior and movements at any time and feel responsible in this regard. When we are behind the steering wheels and drive at the highest speed we can easily commit a crime but when we are reaching our work place and it is the time for serving the people we have not that speed to perform our daily duty.”

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